The Practical Side of Digital

The Practical Side of Digital

When one says the word ‘digital’ people generally tend to think ‘internet’, ‘flashy signage’ and ‘social media’ but not all digital is content driving creative, some are hardware and software solutions that address consumer demands and a very specific business need.

Technique Media was recently granted a tender by Philip Morris International SA (PMI SA) to work on a digital project for their new IQOS 2.4 Plus device.

The brief was for a solution to be installed at Super Spar point of sales in Cape Town and Johannesburg… “they wanted a tablet with a security holder that would allow cashiers and prospective clients to capture legal aged IQOS user information for communication purposes. The tablet had to be locked down to block users from accessing other webpages from the IQOS landing page and screen saver”, explains Darren Kirby, Managing Director of Technique Media.

Once the tender was granted PMI SA required a prototype within two days to present to Spar managers for approval. Thereafter units required manufacturing and device software and content installed within six to seven working days. Installation of the devices had to be coordinated over a two-day period to tie in with the launch of the new product, bearing in mind that these times also had to suit the availability of store owners/managers and PMI SA area reps.

IQOS is a heat-not-burn, smoke-free alternative to cigarettes. After many years of research and testing, and much investment by PMI, the IQOS device launched as the pioneer in heated tobacco technology, a feat in engineering and science. There are already five million IQOS users worldwide. An innovative brand backed by its cutting-edge technology… naturally its tools should be as well.

“As consumers become more tech savvy the demand for brands to be innovative and include digital touch points in their strategies increases. With Technique Media’s turnkey solutions, quick turnaround times and out of the box thinking we’re able to deliver the right solutions to brands that want to meet consumer demand”, says Kirby. He continues, “This was the first time we’ve used this particular IT & Telecommunications technology and, whilst deadlines were extremely tight, we had a lot of fun with the project and with the PMI SA team. We fulfilled our commitment from concept through to installation and we’re thrilled with the end result”.

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